What Is S.R.E.S.


The SRES designation, stands for Senior Real Estate Specialist.  It is the only designation and marketing program that is specifically designed to serve senior property owners.

As a SRES, I have the requisite knowledge and expertise to council senior clients through their mayor financial and lifestyle transitions, involved in relocating, refinancing, selling or buying a home.

In addition to providing home owners of all ages with the expertise necessary to meet all of their real estate needs, I am also qualified to help seniors make wise decisions about selling the family home and offering knowledge about financing, buying or selling rental properties and managing capital gains.  I can explain current trends and opportunities for seniors in the housing market.  For many seniors there are many options and questions to explore, such as, reverse mortgages, 1031 exchanges, installment sells, estate planning, living trusts....we can help clear the confusion!

As a SRES, I cannot give you legal or tax advice, but I do maintain referral relationships with accountants, attorneys and other professionals who can guide you in those specific areas.

At Hurst Home Realty we feel that all seniors should be treated with respect and kept informed of all aspects of any transaction.  Our job is to council and help seniors make the right living choice for their particular situation, through informed options and accurate information.      

If I can be of any service to you, please give me a call at 1-800-706-9596 or e-mail me at Cyndi@HurstHomeRealty.com

Warmest Regards,

Cyndi Hurst