•      Often, a home is the largest asset an individual has and is considered one of the
    most valuable investments available.
  •      A portion of each amortized mortgage payment goes to principal which is an
  •      A home is one of the few investments that you can enjoy by living in it.
  •      A REALTOR® can usually show you any home whether it is listed with a
    company, a builder, or even a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home.
  •     Working through a REALTOR® to purchase a For Sale By Owner home can be
    very advantageous because someone is looking out for your best interest.
  •     Your Real Estate professional can provide you with a list of items you’ll need
    to complete your loan application so you’ll be prepared.
  •      Ask the Real Estate professional if they are familiar with the neighborhoods
    where you want to live.
  •      Ask the Real Estate professional whom he/she is representing in the transaction.
  •      Ask the Real Estate professional what he/she will do to keep you informed.
  •            Your Real Estate professional should provide you with the highest level of service


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