We’re Moving!



Moving Checklist


In order to make your moving experience, we have prepared this checklist:


q  Make arrangements with Moving Company

Notify the following of Change of Address:


q  Post Office Change of Address

q  Magazine and mail order subscriptions

q  IRS

q  Pension Plan & Social Security

q  Friends and Relatives

q  Schools

q  Notify Insurance Companies

q  Medical Insurance & Doctors

q  Life Insurance

q  Auto Insurance

q  Home Owners

q  Realtor® Cyndi Hurst: Cyndi@HurstHomeRealty.com

q  Transfer All Bank Accounts if applicable recommend affiliate in new city

q  Transfer All Memberships


Disconnect utilities, get refund for any deposits made and advise where final bills are to be sent.

q  Water

q  Electric

q  Gas

q  Telephone

q  Cable / Dish TV

q  Trash Removal


Cancel Deliveries

                  _____  Milk     _____  Diaper _____  Newspaper _____ Other



Obtain Medical Records

                  _____ General Practitioner _____Dentist _____Optometrist ___Veterinarian



Check with your insurance agent on coverage of life, car and household goods en-route to your new home.