·     Pricing Factors:







    ASKING                                             PERCENTAGE    PRICE                                                 OF BUYERS






As the triangle graph illustrates, more buyers purchase their properties at market value than above market value. If you price your property at market value, you are exposing it to a much greater percentage of prospective buyers and you are increasing your opportunity for a sale.


Another critical factor to keep in mind when pricing your home is timing.  A property attracts the most attention, excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed on the market.  Improper pricing at the initial listing misses out on this peak interest period and may result in your property languishing on the market.  This may lead to a below market value sale price, or, even worse, no sale at all.  Therefore, your home has the highest chances for a fruitful sale when it is new on the market and the price is reasonably established.