To bring the highest price in the shortest amount of time the house must be in perfect showing condition.  For instance, if the paint on the front door is peeling the buyer will wonder what else is wrong with the house that they can't see.


Please view the following page titled “Preparing Your Home” for a detailed checklist of ideas and suggestions to help you prepare your home for showing.


Some simple and inexpensive ways to maximize the showing condition are:


·         Cut back large trees and plants.

·         Paint interior walls a neutral, light color.

·         Clean carpets that are soiled.

·         Replace worn carpets or refinish floors (don’t offer a “credit”).

·         Remove all throw rugs which can make rooms seem small.

·         Store large pieces of furniture which make rooms looked cramped.

·         Clean all windows to let more light in.

·         Remove small items that can result in a cluttered appearance.

·         Arrange furniture for optimum showing effect.


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Decorate the house from the buyer’s perspective


When you choose me as your agent I will walk through the home with you to give you a list of specifically what you can do to optimize the showing condition of your house.