þ General:


Picture ID with Social Insurance Number


 Payment to cover application fee.


 Name and complete address of all landlords (past 2 years).

þ Income:


 Employment history, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and length of time with that company (past 2 years).


 Copies of your most recent pay stubs and W-2 form (past 2 years).


 Verification of other income (social security, child support, retirement).


   If you are self-employed: Copies of signed tax returns including all schedules (past 2 years), and a signed profit and loss statement of the current year. 


 If you are retired: Tax returns (past 2 years).


 If you have rental property income: Copies of all lease agreements.

þ Assets:


Copies of all bank statements from checking/savings accounts (past 3 months).


Copies of all stock/bond certificates and/or past statements/retirement accounts.


 Prepare a list of household items and their values.


Copies of title documents for all automobiles, boats, or motorcycles.


Face amount, monthly premiums, and cash values of all life insurance policies (Cash value may be used for closing costs or down payments.  You need documentation from the carrier indicating cash value).


 þ Creditors:


 Credit cards (account numbers, current balances, and monthly payments).


 Installment loans (car, student, etc.)  Same details as for credit cards.


Mortgage loans (property address, lender with address, account numbers monthly payment and balance owed on all properties presently owned or sold within the last 2 years).  Bring proof of sale of properties sold.


Childcare expense/support (name, address, phone number).

þ Other:


  Bankruptcy – bring discharge and schedule of creditors.


 Adverse credit – bring letters of explanation.


 Divorce – bring your Divorce Decrees, property settlements, quitclaim deeds, modifications, etc.




 Retirees – bring retirement and/or Social Security Award Letter.