·        FIX IT


Just a word of caution here...  Many sellers don't want to fix-up or replace items in the house and instead, offer a credit to the buyer.  The problem is that buyers will assume that things cost more to fix or replace than they actually do.  For instance, if you offer a $1,500 credit for new carpet the buyer will find a price for the very best carpet and padding available so instead of accepting your credit, they will deduct $5,000 from the value of your house. 

Consider installing an inexpensive, neutral color carpet and save yourself $3,500!


Be sure to put away small items, collectibles and all medications.  Anything that a child (or anyone) could pick up and put into their pockets should be stored.  It will also make rooms look larger if curios are put away.






You will get the most money for your house if it shows well both outside and inside.  This is known as "staging" and is a real art.  After listing your house your agent will give you a detailed list of exactly how to make it look its best but here are some basic ideas:






Outside the house:


  •             Paint the outside, if the paint is faded or worn.
  •             Trim trees and bushes back.
  •             Mow the lawn.
  •             Keep plants, lawn and bushes watered.
  •             Sweep walks and patios of debris.
  •             Wash windows and skylights.


Inside the house:


  •             Remove large pieces of furniture.
  •             Paint dark walls a light, neutral color.
  •             Add small plants to add color.
  •             Rearrange furniture to make rooms seem larger.
  •             Put away children's toys.
  •             Steam clean dirty carpets.
  •             Replace worn carpets.


Showing Your House