Very few house sellers know how to interview a real estate agent.  Some of the questions to ask  your real estate professional include:


  •      Who specifically are the buyers for this property?
  •      Exactly how will you reach them?
  •      What makes you special as an agent?
  •      Specifically how can I make my house more attractive to buyers?
  •      What guarantee do you offer that I will be satisfied with your services?
  •      What is your marketing plan to get my house sold?


        Remember, don't list with the agent who suggests the highest listing price    for    your house unless they can back up that price with comparable properties that have sold recently.  If you let an agent "buy your listing" you will lose time and probably end-up selling for less than if the house had been priced properly in the first place.


I    If some of the agents who look at your house refuse to give you a probable selling price be very wary.  They may be trying to see what price you have in mind and will simply list it for that figure whether or not the market justifies the price.  Again, these agents are simply trying to "buy your listing" and will ask you to lower the price in a very short amount of time.