Within fifteen minutes of arriving in Auburn, you can be immersed in gold rush history, floating down the American River, enjoying a world class meal, picking grapes in a vineyard, or any one of a hundred different adventures. In Auburn, you can be a world away in no time at all.

Founded in 1848, Auburn’s history captivates guests once they arrive. With the gold rush, Auburn exploded into a robust mining and supply camp. Settlers to the region—not all of them law-abiding citizens—used horses and mules to traverse the Nevada, Sacramento, Auburn-Folsom and Foresthill trails. These trails would later become the commercial and residential streets that you will use during your adventure in Auburn.

Present day Auburn is filled with the optimism and spirit of its colorful history. And it’s that same energy and drive that propels the town to continue to offer an unsurpassed experience rich in adventure and history for all ages.

The Auburn area provides an unsurpassed outdoor experience.  The area offers swimming and sunbathing, trails for hikers, joggers, mountain bikers and horseback riding… three of the Nation’s finest whitewater rafting runs… gentle waters for canoeing and floating….canyons rich with history and wildlife…  golfing, vineyards and orchards to enjoy.