1031-Benefits of Exchanging

Benefits of Exchanging


The taxpayer seeking the opportunity to maximize the performance of investments by exchanging and deferring taxes can:


·         Increase equity by paying no capital gains tax on realized gain when changing investments.

·         Increase appreciation by acquiring property that will appreciate more quickly than the property relinquished.

·         Consolidate assets by combining several properties into one larger or more manageable asset.

·         Diversify holdings by exchanging from one large asset into several smaller ones.

·         Relocate or increase investment holdings into a more preferable geographical area.

·         Dispose of poorly performing property through an exchange that would otherwise not be possible through a sale without creating tax problems.

·         Increase net cash flow by exchanging into property with better financing.

·         Increase cash flow and financing opportunities by exchanging from bare land into improved property.

·         Receive "non-taxable cash" by acquiring property that can be encumbered.

·         Increase depreciable property basis by exchanging into higher valued property through leveraging.

·         Increase depreciable property basis by exchanging from bare land into improved property.

·         Estate planning by purchasing possible retirement residences in advance of retirement or dividing real estate holdings prior to distribution to heirs.

·         Conserve and compound an estate by consistently exchanging into more valuable properties by leveraging with the deferred gain.

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