1.      How long have you been in business?

2.      In what areas have you built?

3.      What sets you apart from other builders?

4.      What type of warranty program do you offer?

5.      What are your fees for building a home (fixed price, costs plus management fee)?

6.      How do you charge for extras?

7.      Who supervises your construction?

8.      How long have your trade people been working with you?

9.      How often will we be updated on the progress of the home?

10.  How often, during the week, are you at the job site?  The superintendent?

11.  Who will I be dealing with during construction?

12.  Will that person have the authority to make final decisions?

13.  How many hours per week do you and your supervising staff participate in
continuing education within the home building industry?

14.  Do you belong to a local trade association?  If yes, which one(s)?
In what activities are you involved?

15.  Can you provide a list of references, including homeowners, suppliers, subcontractors,
and consultants such as architects and engineers?

16.  Have you ever been sued and won, sued and lost; or are there any suits currently pending?
If yes, please explain.

17.  Do you have any liens against any of the properties that you have built?

18.  Have you ever filed for bankruptcy protection?

Be sure to check with you local and state Contractors License Board to make sure that the contractor
you work with is licensed and in good standing.  Don't be a victum of contractor fraud!  To check
out California contractors, click on this link .


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