Moving can be a very traumatic experience for children.  Everything that has been familiar to them, possibly for their entire lives, will change.


Be sure to talk with your children about the move before the "For Sale" sign goes up.  Explain the reasons for the move and what the new home will be like in terms they can understand.


Always explain the relocation in positive terms... as an adventure.  Tell your children how they can contribute to the success of the move.  If possible, have them take responsibility for packing their own possessions and relocating them to the new home.


Encourage your children to express their feelings about the move.  Try to keep your attitude positive, even if the children's attitudes are negative. 


Some sellers think the best time to relocate school-age children is during the summer after school has ended.  This places children in unfamiliar surroundings at a time when opportunities to make friends are at a minimum.  When school opens, the child will be a stranger in a new school.


Sell your house whenever it is best for you.  Your real estate agent will be able to offer suggestions to minimize the stress of a move on your family.


After you have signed the Listing Contract, Hurst Home Realty will provide you with a helpful guide for moving and a packing checklist.  So, please remind me!


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