A successful real estate transaction hinges on numerous details involving deadlines that must

be met so that you can move into your ideal home as soon as possible.




ü  Loan Application:
(Application fee is due at this time).


ü  Seller’s Disclosure must be signed:


ü  Set inspection date and time:


ü  Written notice due – all items from the inspection that you wish to be repaired:


ü  Negotiation of inspection repair items complete:


ü  Insurance:  (You are required to arrange for insurance coverage and to inform your mortgage company of your agent’s name and phone number).



ü  Loan approval:


ü  Closing Date:


ü  Others (Check with your Realtor)



Please note: During the loan and home-buying process, you will be asked to supply documentation,

respond to phone calls requesting information, schedule dates into your calendar, etc… You could hold

up the process and delay your closing, if your loan officer or Realtor® does not receive your documents

in a timely manner.



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